Tibia: Loads of pieces of cake

Tibia introduced masses of World Quests. Every month happens at least one additional World Task, we’re already getting a bit tired of this stuff. Yes, I know usually it’s boring. But being forced to do things like that once or twice per month for the greater good, (cough) the welfare and honor of the server, is a bit too much.

The latest World Quest “A Piece of Cake” was at least funny. And lowlevels could participate, even level 8 characters, which is very good in my opinion. You can bet that some begrudging players already complained, that it was too easy. Some players just seem to hate everyone and everything.

The event started with raids of cake golems, that looked like flying cake and threw cake. The cake made earth damage (poison) and drunk. So the people that lured the cake to the cake extractor machines had to wear dwarven rings (“gold gold gold, beer beer beer”).

The cake throws cake at me while I lure it to the cake extractor in Liberty Bay on Harmonia. Druid Zeligan shows me the way.

Oh and I look so odd on that screenshot because it’s carnival time in Tibia during the whole February. But most people don’t seem to understand German carnival and I heard already complains that it is not “Halloween” (sigh).

This is the cake extractor in Liberty Bay on Magera. Youth Del'Bruto demonstrates how to use it.

When enough cake golems have been recycled (200), people kill the cake golems to get “sugary mass”. This sugary mass can be given to the baker NPCs that stand next to the machines. 200 sugary mass is needed. Machines stand in Liberty Bay, Carlin, Thais, Edron and Darashia. Once per hour the server checks if the amount of 200 “base” ingredients and 200 sugary “mass” is reached and 30 minutes or an eternity later a cake bridge gets build. The new goal is to eat 4 layers of a cake tower. A layer is huge and you need around 100 players to eat it because you have only 30 minutes to do so. You can take 4 bites of cake and you’ll be full and you digest 1 bite in 5 minutes. If the layer isn’t eaten after 30 minutes, it will regenerate.

At the cake bridge on Magera, waiting to get hungry.

I brought this character on main just to eat. Here the cakelayer is quite fresh.

The cake is delicious "Mmmm".

You could hear (or read) the typical internet comments “the cake is a lie” and “om nom nom nom”. I said: “nom means ‘name’ in French”. So everybody told me “nonono you must see this” and gave me links to Youtube videos. I do seriously not even want to know why or how these internet memes originate. May Internettus keep me safe from Youtube spam ( ;) ).

When all four layers were eaten, we only got a very lame success message: “All four layers of the cake-tower have been eaten.” We compensated that with own sillyness. On Harmonia we made a “train”. On Magera the players got some interesting achievements: 18:13 Sobrevivente do Titanic [90]: 14:06 CONGRATULATIONS! YOU EARNED THE ACHIEVEMENT “GLUTTONOUS”.

A train of mounted players on the empty cake bottom.

The reward for the successful cake orgy is 25% increased regeneration and 5% increased experience for 5 days. Markus said if it was his game, he’d made special fat player sprites, that would replace the normal ones for the time of the reward.

Further read and watch:
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Tibia: Blamina got level 100

Blamina was not my first Tibia character but the two first characters don’t exist anymore. Blamina was my first character on Harmonia I made her on October 24 2004 at 11:06:57 CEST. That means I needed over 6 years to get level 100. This slowness gets near to the slowness of roleplayers.

Blamina gets level 100. Morrkh is my boyfriend Markus, who had a hard time to walk to Yakundaf desert.

Markus had deleted Tibia not long ago, because his anti-virus program gave a false alarm. It said, that there was a virus in Tibia.exe. Thus Markus lost all the maps. He asked me where the heck Yakundaf desert is and I answered: “between Thais and Venore”. So he went to Thais, from Kazordoon and then back when I showed him on my computer where the desert is. Our computers stand both in the living room. He has a free account and therefore no levitate spell, so I brought him some parcels (and food). It took me a bit to reach the required experience. I was very nervous.

I had ignored myself, private messages and yelling, so it wouldn’t show on the screenshot. That’s why Gaz Wilkinson yelled at me in guildchannel.

Tibia: How to let the bunny slip away


Markus was a bit angry with me, because I suddenly fell in some kind of euphoria. He told me this wouldn’t happen in a single player game. Knowing myself I can assure you, it even happens if I don’t play at all. If I follow a train of thought, it’s difficult to stop me and can have unpleasant side effects. This time I felt awfully clever, when I found out how to get the Tibia achievement “bunny slipped” and my dogs and cats had to wait half an hour for their dinner.

This is how I found out: I went to Rottin Wood after I had done the missions. I said “lucky charms” he was chewing my ear off about it and then he asked “are you in for it?” In the meantime I had decided not to kill cute bunnies so I said: “no”. He held me a speech about how to make fake lucky charms. I thought okay, I’ll try that, said “lucky charms” again, and accepted the task. Went to Venore and bought the ingredients Rottin Wood had told me about. I used the ribbons on the ingredients. I got a thingy, it didn’t look like a fake rabbit food yet but on looking at it, the thing described me how to finish it. Luckily I knew a guy that had used the missing ingredient in his house decoration. I told him about it, and he gave me what I needed for free. (Yesyes Harmonians are very nice.) I used the thingy on the missing ingredient and finally had 7 fake lucky charms, went to Rottin Wood, said: “lucky charms” and got the achievement.

Looks just like a lucky charm but has a different description. It doesn't stack with normal lucky charms.

Congratulations to mastermind Blaismera, she's bunny slipped

Tibia: it’s paradox

The paradox tower quest of Tibia is an old quest. It takes around three hours because the player has to go to the Plains of Havoc first, then to Edron, then to Kazordoon, get’s teleported to Hellgate, has to walk to Mintwallin and back to Kazordoon. Every time a player gives a wrong answer to the Riddler, he gets teleported to Hellgate, so if someone has bored Typona too much or is a bit stupid, the quest can take up to 7 hours.

I did it at level 30 on my knight Blaismera with Harpyk (level 102 paladin). All went well, Harpyk provided us with coconuts, no giant spider thought I’m tasty. Blaismera was wearing Blamina’s boots of haste but was still crawling.

Watching the grass grow or not grow in the paradox tower. The test of patience. As soon as it starts to grow I (Blaismera) move diagonal on the spot that is marked with a red X. It is a lever under it or such, that makes stairs appear on the spot where Harpyk stands.

The whole tower is a protection zone. Don’t eat while you’re in it. And most important: don’t eat the fruits you have to offer (melon, banana, cherry, apple, grapes, and coconut).

The infamous ghoul: pull the lever and wait until the ghoul pushes the crate in the upper left corner. He moves randomly and it can take some time.

Here you can see, that I did not play for some years. In the meantime talons got an NPC price, 320gp each. So 32x320 = 10240gp. But the difference is not much and talons just do not fit my house decoration anyways. The letters stand for gold, talons, wand and phoenix egg. If you step on a tile with the according letter the chest gets emptied, that means if you step on a T you will not get talons.

This tile thingy is very tricky, if a player steps on more than two letters he will get less or none reward. If he doesn’t understand that he DOESN’T get what he steps on, he get’s the wrong rewards.

The phoenix egg reduces the cost of the blessing “the spark of the phoenix” (Kazordoon) by 10%. And it looks very nice.

Tibia: the update drama (winter 2010)

Online gamer don’t like changes. This time Cipsoft changes the whole spell system. They bring cooldown in. Games like World of Warcraft already use spell-cooldown, but I doubt WoW really invented it. Anyways… Cipsoft is quite brutal and changes the cooldown of area effect spells like hell’s core, eternal winter, wrath of nature and rage of the skies to 40 seconds. From zero (or rather 2) to 40 in one update, that doesn’t make the mages happy. Especially the sorcerers are worried and many talk about quitting. The other spells get a cooldown too and the game company already stated, that the players should rotate spells now. Unlike in many other games it’s not possible to click on hotkey bars, mages that only have five fingers on one hand and only two hands in all will get problems. Botters won’t get problems, a bot has as many fingers as the cheater likes. So after the bots adapt to the update, they will be back and even get a bigger advantage over normal players than before. And this part of the update really worries me.

The cooldown of some healing spells (I ride on a boar).

I predict some character deaths after update. But I guess we’ll adapt sooner or later. I’ll just chose the two to four attack spells I’ll use the most and won’t try the impossible.

The cooldown of some attack spells (druid) on Tibia testserver in winter 2010.

Except of that, there will be more “world quests” (=less real life ;) ) and “mounts”. Mounts are cute.

Taming a bear on Tibia testserver winter 2010 and bear riding with a summoned boar.

Edit: Some players already hunted yesterday and survived it. One said he rotates the spells. How he does that? No idea. We use different config files for different vocations or even different characters or for war and peacetime and no, Tibians can’t change the config fils while they are online. I guess we’ll have to make different hunt configs in future, teamhunt config, dragon lord config, wyrm config and so on. This is a bit tiring plus I wonder why we can’t change the config file. We were able to do that ingame in cube and other shooter games many years ago with a hotkey.

Edit the second: I just had some good laughs reading the Tibia forums. One of the new Tibia rules states now: “Also statements that imply that somebody has violated a Tibia Rule, is going to violate a Tibia Rule or supports the violation of a Tibia Rule are illegal.” So Tibians may not say anymore that someone does something illegal.