betroffen aufessen for the Anglophones

I try a translation of the lyrics of the song betroffen aufessen by But Alive

to eat up concerned

I was around 8 years old, but I’ll never forget. It was in this municipal after-school care club- after school, always a meal. And when it was time to say, “No, I won’t eat this.” (Because with 8 I really thought spinach leaves are icky.) Then there came this governess with her handmade woolen sweater and said always the same: “Oh come on, be good, eat all up, because in Uganda the children starve. We should all be more grateful, because in Uganda the children starve.” I asked myself that time, what benefit the child gets, if I eat my damn spinach leaves or not.

She only wanted me to grow and strengthen while somewhere the people die.  That we all live on good and reasonable food and learn her humanistic values. I ask myself where she is today and if she still wears that sweater, I mean that’s not unlikely.

And when the pictures of the news crash into her, she’ll cry and say: “You got to do something against that.” And if “doing something” means that you explain rich children that you got to eat up while someone dies somewhere. “We should all be more grateful, because we aren’t those that cry from hunger”.  And her conscience will make her sleep good, better ten times sympathy than one time hate, and teaching humanistic values while people die somewhere, and teaching pacifistic values, while people die somewhere.

And sometimes going on demonstrations…voting for green party…reading popular political journals…listening to Sting…donating to Greenpeace…feeding on healthy food…

This is a phenomenon especially among women. If they want you to do something they try to make you feel bad if you don’t want to do it. Any strange reason is right for them. Linking eating spinach with starving children or like I saw someone do it in a forum, linking the criticism of pretentious kitsch with the murder of an 8 years old girl.
Maybe that’s some kind of german behaviour?
Sorry for my bad english btw.

I won’t post any of my translations anymore, because it can become expensive. In Germany it is illegal to post lyrics on the net without a licence to do so, and I bet it’s not much different in the rest of the world.
But alive doesn’t exist anymore, they disbanded 1999. But they still have the full copyright for their lyrics and that means it’s illegal to post translations of the lyrics as well. They could sue me. Let’s hope they won’t find me.

That’s the internet, it looks as if all was free and such, the opposite is the case.

The official (?) Fansite for But Alive is:


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