When I say France

I mean the France in Europe, not Quebec. When I say french people, I mean people living in France in Europe. French language is for me what people in France in Europe speak. In Canada they are Quebecians and speak quebecian. Just had to clarify this….

Tour Eiffel

Tour Eiffel

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4 thoughts on “When I say France

  1. There’s actually a very unique way of referring to those that live in Quebec and their language, at least in American English. We call them and their language Québécois. Just thought you might find that interesting! 🙂

  2. Yea you are right, it’s Québecois, and someone from Québec is a Québecois and being québecois works also.
    I have known this before, and it’s a good thing to call it like this, just… most Québecois I met in the internet refer to themselves as french and say they speak french and so on. Then they write everything like this: “kes ke tu veux” and that makes my adrenaline rise and causes pimples.

  3. French youth has developed a nasty tendency to write like that as well – it’s a juvenile text-speak habit which unfortunately is leaking out into the wider linguistic world.

  4. Since around a year I haven’t been chatting with French kids in game-IRC or online games, but the ones I met in the Assaultcube channel were writing fine. I am not too sure though, because most of the time they were forced to write English. ^^ There’s some youth in the French wikipédia-IRC and they write correctly. But after all that’s wikipédia… It will take some years until the French wikipédia is written in “k”-language. 😉

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