Some weeks long NRJ, a french radio programm was playing a soul song, that was so much like old or better real soul music, that I told Markus about it. He said that must be Amy Winehouse (what a fitting name? I always think her name is Whinehouse) and then we talked about how we dislike german and american soulmusic, with their singers senseless dangling up and down the scale.

Today finally I checked it and found out it wasn’t Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse is a good singer but her songs have no catchy tunes. It was “Mercy” by Duffy, agirl from Wales. The song is northern soul. It’s authentic. I know it is because my dead ex-boyfriend Bert Schlexer had been a Mod. For geeks and nerds, Mods are not moderators here. Mod was a subculture, especially in England, but also in other european countries. It started in the 60s.

“Mercy” is northern soul, the sound of the music is authentic.  That’s how soul music is meant to be.

You can find the official music video on YouTube too, it has very nice northern soul dancers in it. But it’s not possible to embed it here.

Edit: I bought the “2 titres” today for 3,90 Euro at the espace technologie/culturel of Leclerc (actually that’s where I buy most CDs. They sell Rockferry as well, for 19,95 Euros. They sell a 2 titres of “Warwick Avenue” too. I wasn’t sure if I would like the whole album. Some of the songs are a bit too sugar-coated for my taste. As usuall, there are no lyrics going with the 2 titre. On Duffy’s forum I saw they don’t even go with the full album. That is a bit disappointing.


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