Yesterday Markus wanted to burn some thistles on the meadows but on entering the meadows he met a cow, or rather a steer. Markus ran back to the cottage and told me there is a cow on our meadows. “Okay”, I thought, let’s drive it back to the neighbours. Markus denied that, didn’t even give me the keys and told me it’s too dangerous. He thinks I would go to wild lions and try to pet them.

I went on the meadows. Yes, the steer was huge. He is as tall as I am and weighs a lot more. He had some nice pointy horns there.  I went over the meadows and told the old woman we have as neighbour, that her cow is on our meadows. She said she knows that, but that she’s helpless because she’s alone. So I told her I’d take a stick that I use to drive the sheep and try what I can do.

With that stick I imitate either the sound angry sheep make when they stomp on the ground or extra long arms.

The steer didn’t care about the sounds angry sheep make. It was cute how curious he was when he met a sheep on our meadows. But the sheep ran so he started to feed on our hawthorn trees. When I entered the scene he didn’t wanted to leave the trees I had to nudge his butt with my stick. Then he moved, slowly and with looking back at that interesting person (me). Anyways. I managed to make him go near the fence to the neighbour and by this time she was letting down the barbed wire and singing a cowcall. Then old lady and steer met. She was standing right in front of him while I was shouting “attention” quite hysterically. The steer was way taller than the old woman. It jumped over the fence though. 😮

Now I was laughing and we closed the fence provisorily. She said that the steer is young and thus not dangerous, that he is not “méchant” (aggressive).

When I went back to the cottage, Markus was angry on me.  I think a bit of carefully used bravery isn’t bad.

like this one

like this one

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