Friedrich, dog and rebel

2004 female boss decided to let Kevin (our english craftsman) bring us 4 puppies from their castle in the Provence. One of their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ladies has gotten puppies and the old bitch in the kennel too. The father of those puppies was a Bernese Mountaindog. The guardians blamed Kevin for the big puppies and said he let the gate open so the bitch could come out of the kennel. But truth is, the guardians were nice enough to let the kennel dogs out.

Bernese Mountaindog-crossbreed-puppies

Bernese Mountaindog-crossbreed-puppies

At that time I only had a very small and crappy digital camera. It put the focus in the middle and made the rest blurry. It was better than nothing.
Besides the 2 Bernese Mountaindog-crossbreed-puppies there came 2 Cavalier King Charles puppies. They couldn’t even walk. They must have gotten too high a dose of travelling medication. They were or seemed to be drugged. Rudi liked that a lot and was rubbing himelf on them for hours. They didn’t seem to mind and Rudi and them became good friends.

Rhesus aka Patch

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy

One of the spaniels was very cute but suicidal. He went to the sheep to get killed and he fell in the pool (or jumped in). Markus saw his jumping in the pool and ran to rescue the tiny idiot. We called him Kurt afterwards, after Kurt Cobain. I forgot his new name. Because short after the incident with the pool female boss brought him to USA where he lives now with a woman that keeps him in a cage during her working hours. I was told that’s a normal practice in USA, as well as “paper training” where dogs aren’t allowed to go out at all but shit and pee on a newspaper in the kitchen (yuk). For me that’s really pervers.
Anyways… then there were only 3 left.
Rhesus had much more brains than Kurt. We called him Rhesus because he wasn’t the most beautiful spaniel and looked a bit like an ape. He liked the life on the countryside and was given to a couple of homosexual french antiquedealers who already had 3 other dogs of that kind and will and have treated him good. They sent some photos in Oktober 2004.

Patch mit seinen Spielzeugen in seinem Körbchen.

Patch with his toys in his basket.

Patch und seine Kumpels.

Patch and his friends.

oh no, a fence

oh no, a fence

Female boss decided to call the Bernese Mountaindogcrossbreedpuppies Friedrich and Friedericia. Friedrich after Friedrich der Grosse (Friedrich II., aka Friedrich der Große aka der Alte Fritz, (born * 24. Januar 1712 in Berlin; deceased 17. August 1786 in Potsdam) was King of Prussia since 1772). You might see, there’s a “ch” in the word Friedrich, it is german and get’s pronounced like this (like Bach).
She must have thought Friedericia was a german name too, the correct female form of Friedrich. That isn’t true, if at all it sounds polish. Correct would have been Friederike. I have no idea why the anglophones always put “a”s behind european female names. Kevin’s wife calls me ConstanzA(-shudders-), but theres an “E” at the end. Can’t be that difficult (-shakes head-).
Besides it’s being stupid, “Friedericia” was too long a name for a dog. So I called it Rieke. Nowasdays they call her “Susi”. She lives now in the Provence, get’s put in a kennel when the bosses come and barks a lot because she’s a coward.

Friedericia aka Susi

Friedericia aka Susi

Friedrich had one strange eye, the iris was half white and it gave him a rebellious air.

Friedrich the Rebel

Friedrich the Rebel

He was nice with humans and got along okay with bigger dogs, but he did not get along with Rudi. First I thought it was Rudi’s fault, but it turned out that Friedrich was aggressive when no human was around. The teeth of Bernese Mountaindogs can break car tires. Short time after an incident where Rudi got a tiny wound on his head and I had to intervene, Friedrich bite a sheep in the butt. It had a laceration which needed suturation. I told it to female boss and she immediately decided to bring both dogs back to the Provence. I asked her to leave Rieke here, but she wanted to keep the siblings together to make them look better or something, don’t ask me. Kevin came very early in the morning to bring them to Paris by car. In Paris they put them in a plane. Rieke was so scared they had to carry her on the airport.

In the Provence they have lots of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (12?). A short time after his arrival Friedrich mangled the hindleg of one of the Spaniels. The Spaniel got surgery but died not long afterwards. So they put him to his mother in the kennel. The guardians were scared of him now and they have put him down finally. This wouldn’t have been necessary if he was given to someone who has no small dogs.

Friedrich and Phex

Friedrich and Phex

During that night when Friedrich bite a sheep, he made his sister run with him, and one of the sheep stepped on one of her toes, that got broken. We had not much time before she was brought away and we didn’t wanted to pay for an operation so our vet in B. only made an adhesive bandage to keep the bone straight and immobilise the toe. He said she would be limping forever without surgery.

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  1. They look like an American breed called a Catahoula. Thanks for following The Sundog Drift! I’ll follow you too. Love all your animals

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