sheep Daffne


Daffne is a daughter of das Dicke. She was born 2006. Das Dicke didn’t accept Daffne, maybe because Tristan ran in the sheep pen right after the birth. She was the second lamb we raised with the bottle, first one was Hercule. We called her after Lokirulez’ girlfriend, though I bet, that correct spelling is “Daphne”. Kracho insisted on “Daffne”. To take her for a walk I put her in a dogharness and took her at the leash.

Like Hercule she slept in my bed with a diaper on, but only for some days. For some more days she slept with another lamb in a dog basket. The other lamb had a hipmalformation and we had to put her down later (there are no wheelchairs for lambs). Sure, she was also up for some crazy things like nibbling cables and eating books. And created the proverb: “books are food.”

pipi im Wohnzimmer vor Tristan's Nase

peeing in the living room

Phex was caring for the child like a mother, as usual. Lamb shit is a delicacy for dogs anyways.

Daffne in the grass near the tower

Daffne in the grass near the tower

I can hardly imagine anything more cute than a drinking lamb.

Daffne and the bottle

2007 tiny Daffne had grown up.

Daffne 2007 ungeschoren

Daffne 2007 unshorn

And in 2008 she had 2 lambs.

Daffne 2008

Daffne 2008


4 thoughts on “sheep Daffne

  1. I love it!!!! You’re like a real life Bo Peep!!!! I want to come spend a month with you and learn how to be a shepherdess!

  2. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to bottle-feed lambs at a Sheep farm close to my grandparents home.

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