my cat Schlafmütz


Schlafmütz (night cap, means “sleepyhead”) was born on 23rd September 2003. She gave birth to 5 kittens in 2004. Pastell, Farbexplosion, Izabelle, and 2 others which we gave away fast. Pastell vanished before he was a year old. It is likely, that he got shot or driven over by a car. But in my dreams he only found another family and produced kittens there and Miniputz is one of his offspring.
Schlafmütz was sterilized afterwards.

When she was young she was sleeping all the time, but nowadays she’s often outside. She doesn’t like puppies or kittens. She comes to get her food and sleeps often on the table in the living room, where I made a bed for her with a shawl that is impregnated with Nepeta. It’s a french product to attrack cats.
When she was younger she slept in my bed. Now little Dariusz (son of Miniputz) is sleeping there.

She likes to sit on the wooden roof at the bathroom, crying, so I got to rescue her. And she likes to get carried around.

Schlafmütz 2004

Schlafmütz 2004

Schlafmütz im Wohnzimmer.

Schlafmütz in the livingroom.

Schlafmütz 2006

Schlafmütz 2006

Schlafmütz 2006 auf dem Holzdach am Badezimmer.

Schlafmütz 2006 on the wooden roof at the bathroom.


Schlafmütz und Izabelle (ihre Tochter) essen.

Schlafmütz and Izabelle (her daughter) eating.

Und sind sauer über die Störung (2007).

And are angry because I disturb them (2007).

Izabelle was driven over by a car in May 2008.
When she was a kitten we had tried to give her away. To a woman that had already a tomcat. That went totally wrong. The male cat didn’t like Izabelle and fought against her, she was scared and stayed outside and was crying. So I went there and took her back home. She never really got over that shock. First she wasn’t clean in the house, that went better, but then she stayed outside for days. We have 5 stables here and 2 towers and Izabelle often stayed in one of the towers. She was jealous on Farbexplosion, maybe because Farbexplosion had been allowed to stay with us. She was fighting with Farbexplosion.
That’s why I didn’t give any of Miniputz’s kittens to people that already had a cat.

Izabelle im Park Frühjahr 2008.

Izabelle in the park spring 2008.

Schlafmütz 2008 in Markus Tasche, im Januar nachdem er aus Deutschland zurückgekommen war.

Schlafmütz 2008 in Markus bag, in January 2008, right after he came back from Germany.

Schlafmütz und Miniputz auf dem Holzdach am Badezimmer.

Schlafmütz und Miniputz on the wooden roof at the bathroom.


Like the other kittens of Schlafmütz Farbexplosion was born on 22nd June 2004. She was a very shy kitten and still is quite shy, but nice. When she doesn’t like someone or something, she goes out to the woodstack and makes her home there. She doesn’t like Miniputz too much and she doesn’t like the Shih Tzu of the bosses when she tries to play with her.
She likes Rudi and Schlafmütz. As usuall I am her feedingslave, she rubs herself on the banister when she comes inside, and yells at me. Sometimes she sleeps next to Schlafmütz on a sofa or the living room table. Or she sleeps on a chair. She loves when Miniputz sleeps outside, but that happened only once till now.

Es ist ihr nicht geheuer.

Farbexplosion in front of the cottage on my arms 2007. She doesn't really like that.

Lass mich runter du bist doof.

She wants to go down.

Wat mutt dat mutt.

But I really wanted to make photos.

Farbexplosion 2008 in der typischen Fütter mich!-Haltung

Farbexplosion 2008, yelling at me.

Auf Stühlen kann man auch gut liegen.

She likes to lie on chairs.

Diese Decke ist toll zum Schlafen.

And on blankets.

Da man mich streichelt werde ich mal verzeihen, dass ich geweckt wurde.

Luckily she forgave me that I woke her up.


3 thoughts on “my cat Schlafmütz

  1. Hey Blam renember me Nolanata, i back from tibia
    you not logge your account more?
    how are u?
    hugs Nolanata


    • Hi Nolanata -hugs- :* sure I remember you. 🙂 I am fine, you too? I only logged in to tibia some days ago, so Blamina doesn’t get deleted, but I don’t have the time to play anymore. And no, in case you wonder, I won’t sell the account or give it to anyone. Blamina was too much myself to do something like that. I don’t play any mmorpg at all anymore. Have a nice day. 🙂

  2. Once again, I love your posts. And so, I have nominated you for a few awards. You can find them here:

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