Mmorpgs Yuk!

Yesterday I have seen a german comedy show in which they made a clip about WoW- players. You wouldn’t understand it, though it’s not really in german, it’s rather in mmorpgish, a strange language spoken by mmorpg- players only.

On Youtube I found a video in english that explains some of the strange words mmorpg- players use. Imagine they would continue not only to speak like crazy idiots but also to behave like they behave online while being in real life:

Uploaded by Limak

Yea, that’s how players behave in those games, couldn’t have said it better. I played Tibia for some years and Ashen Empires. Example: I tried Runescape for an hour and was called “noob” 14 times. For the normal people among you: “noob” means “newbie” and is not really a big insult, though some seem to think it is.

Oh… you might wonder why they jell “Leroy” all the time, I wondered about that too. I met some “Leroy” yellers in Ashen Empires, they explained to me it was a guy in WoW who yelled “Leeroy Jenkins” (the name of his character) as a warcry, while being on a voice chat. Why that is funny is beyond my understanding, maybe because Germans have no humour, maybe because it’s idiotic.

A very nice comic about mmorpgs is The Noob Comic. The author has played Ultima Online for years (I think), but the comic fits to any mmorpg. An example:

the starter quest

episode 19: the starter quest

Despite the humorous aspects of mmorpgs, they make people addicted. An addiction that can complicate real life.


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