What do Germans know about the presidential election?

TV total is a comedy show on german TV on the channel Pro 7. In October Stefan Raab (the host of Tv total), has been showing several videos about faked speeches of Barack Obama (you can find more of them on Youtube). Typical german stuff btw and maybe you will understand why I always say Germans have no humour.

Uploaded by tobiswissen
But… the speech is in english and I bet you won’t find a lot of comedy about Germans in America that’s in german language. ^^
Back to the topic…
On October the 27th Stefan Raab was showing a video called “TV total US-Wahlcheck”. “Wahl” means “election”. He was testing what Germans know about the election.

First task: “What’s the name of the president of the USA?”
-“And his first name?”
-“Doublelee or something like that.”
-“Doublelee Bush?”
-“What’s his name?”

Second task: “What’s the name of the current candidates for presidency?”
First answer: “no idea”,
Second answer was: -“Whom do you mean?”
-“Those 2, the dark one and the pale one.”
-“No idea, is that related to sports?”
Back to the first: -“no idea”
-“I tell you a first name: “Barack”. Have you heard that name before?”
-“In the news.”
-“And whats his full name?”
-“Barack Uganda
-“Barack Uganda”

Third task was to identify the people shown on some pictures.
First candidate identified John McCain as “someone from Germany.”
The girl that had called Obama “Uganda” said McCain is “Beckham Ugada”. She seems to like Uganda a lot. But I doubt David Beckham would like to be mistaken for John McCain. They showed her a picture of Jack Nicholson and she said that’s a prime minister, in Germany. I bet he’d be happy to hear that.
Next one doesn’t know Nicholson and says George Washington was before his time.
So the Uganda girl gets asked again and she says George Washington is related to Germany somehow, he’s a critic named Marcel Reich Ranicki.

Yes, the answers that were right and thus not funny, were cut and the other “no idea” answers were cut too. But it shows that not everybody in Germany thinks the USA are important, which is a good thing after all. 🙂

Here’s a video of that, but I doubt you’ll have the patience to wait till the actual questioning starts. It’s all in german, because Germans usually speak german, except when they play online games.


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