China and wordpress

Today I wanted to show a friend who currently lives in a china a photo of my cat. I gave him the link of my cat page and he couldn’t see it. He couldn’t see the blog at all. He couldn’t see wordpress. doesn’t seem to be allowed in China.

Luckily I had photos of my cat on my french homepage too and he was able to see those.

More about internet censorship in China at:


5 thoughts on “China and wordpress

  1. yes, most interent can’t open, because the website is from foreigner, but not all. i can open the wordpress blog, i come from China. if you need help, you can contact me. i am glad to help you!

  2. I wrote that article in November 2008, so it’s possible, that wordpress is visible atm. I spoke two or three weeks ago with someone from China on wikipedia-IRC. He complained that he can’t get access to wikipedia. Well you seem to be able to read wikipedia and wordpress. Did you do anything special or can everybody read wordpress and wikipedia now?

  3. maybe he need a free software, i am using it, so i can open it, maybe i can help hime, hehe you can tell me about his contacts.

  4. I’ll ask him. Thank you for your kind offer. šŸ™‚

  5. we r friends, hehe i am glad to help you!

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