Sarah Palin Got Pranked

I saw a cute Youtube video on the blog loft965. Thought I post the video too and comment it a bit. Americans won’t even know who’s Sarkozy. ^^

uploaded to Youtube by raaf123

It’s astonishing how easily Les Justiciers (“the avengers”) get access to Sarah, just because they have a french accent. Johnny Halliday is not the american adviser of Nicolas Sarkozy, it’s a french rock singer.
Then they talk about ” ‘unting”, he says they could also ‘unt “bébé phoque”, “baby seal”. I bet she doesn’t speak french at all.

The wife of Sarkozy to whom Sarah Palin refers to all the time is Carla Bruni.

The “song” the “wife” of the caller wrote: “le rouge à lèvres sur on cochon”. means: “the lipstick on a pig.” Uhm I thought she said “pitbull” not pig. Dunno why everybody is insulting the poor pigs now.

uploaded to Youtube by azhope

He calls Hustlers “Nalin Paylin” a documentary of her life. Luckily she doesn’t seem to notice that. I have seen Hustler’s Nalin Paylin website, it’s sexist shit, not funny at all, just porno. Larry Flynt has put a “y” in her name to make it legal. He is the publisher of the Hustler and a free speech activist. It’s no wonder that the media loves him, free speech for the media and no rights for the individual is a future the paparazzi must love. Sorry for losing my temper, but that really makes me angry. If you ask me this porn is about not wanting women as politicians and about money for Larry Flynt.

You can find a full transcript of the prank call on Daily Kos.


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