stanze shoots Ogros again

Yesterday I downloaded Sauerbraten which is not the german meal this time, but an fps, the sequel of Cube. Strange enough… it even has a Wikipedia entry: Sauerbraten_(game).

Ogros were the monsters and playermodels in Cube 1. In Sauerbraten are more playermodels I think, but I took Ogros again, for sentimental reasons, they are so cute.

cute Ogro

cute Ogro

It was a lot of fun. 🙂

The game is not a demo but it looks like one. Or let’s say it looks like a full game that was made to demonstrate the properties of the Sauerbraten engine. Some of the maps are just odd. Yesterday I played on a map, that was good playable but looked like something in between golden shower and yellow jelly. Sadly I took no screenshot because I was too busy to shoot and die.

I played only the instagib mode because I at least knew that one and I had never heard of some of the other modes before.

sauerbraten on a castlelike map

sauerbraten on a castlelike map

I liked the servermessage, it really happens sometimes that I forget to blink.

I liked the servermessage, it really happens sometimes that I forget to blink.

Score on douze

Score I got on the map douze, which I made the layout for ( on a piece of paper) many years ago, sorry for bragging.

I wondered why the game is so awfully dark by default. I had to set the gamma muuuuch higher to make it playable.
The menu is a pain. Intuitively I try to chose menu items with arrow keys and enter key. The Sauerbraten menu works only with mouseclick. -sigh- That makes it very difficult to change a setting fast while playing.
I turned off the model of the weapon in instagib, because it was too big, and strangely green and somehow disturbing.

The game itself is very fast, faster than Warsow even and faster than Assaultcube. That’s very nice imo.

In his Sauerbraten review Karl Hodge says that: “While current commercial game engines compete for visual supremacy, adding more and more sophisticated eye candy, Cube 2 caters for level editors. In fact, you can edit levels within the game itself.”

I know that Sauerbraten implemented eye candy as well, but it’s true that it provides most fun for mappers who like to create their own maps.
That’s also possible in Assaultcube and other Cube engine games though.


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