licence horror

Blogger seem to be rather people, that cite and steal everything (while everything are creative works), to get traffic on their Blog. I say this and have a Blog. I didn’t realize there’s a problem till some days ago when I registered an account at the Wikipedia Foundation.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. They don’t want to get sued. Every bit of text and all the pictures in the Wikipedia articles have to be free.

Tiny problem here is that all content in the web isn’t free by default. It’s copyright on it if nothing else is mentioned.
If I write an article in my blog and don’t explicitedly say it’s free, then it’s copyright and you would not be allowed to copy or change the text.

If I upload a photo here and say nothing concerning it’s licence, then it’s mine, you can’t change it and so on.

My translations are derivative works and thus have the same licence as the original, if they are allowed at all (I wondered about all those lyrics pages, I bet they are completely illegal). You can bet I’ll contact the authors and try to solve this.
If the originals were not public domain, in most cases they weren’t, then the translations aren’t either, even if they are allowed.

Because of the automatical copyright on all works I’ll try to behave in future and will licence my stuff.

This text ist public domain.

For more information check:
Creative Commons
Free Software Foundation


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