On you can read that the domain is barred.
Due to a preliminary injunction that was filed by the german politician Lutz Heilmann. is not the free encyclopedia, it’s only a domain, forwarding to, which is the encyclopedia.

This is not the best advertisement for Heilmann, who is member of die Linke, a far -left oriented party. Leftwinged against freedom of the press? Okay, this might be said too harshly, after all Wikipedia seems to have given information about a law suit that isn’t finished yet.

The german Bild, a not very reliable newpaper, had published news about the court withdrawing Heilmann’s immunity, and someone had written this information in Wikipedia immediately.

There have been issues with Heilmann before, when he concealed from his party, that he had been a member of the Stasi, the secret police of East Germany.

There are 2 other expressions in the article he doesn’t like. Above that, he has sued 3 authors of german Wikipedia.

I really wonder why he didn’t make an account and change the article himself.

The german Wikipedia admins have already cleaned the article about Heilmann. The history and discussion of the article are still readable though. But maybe he has good relations to China and could bar Wikipedia as a whole (nonono I am not serious).

I hope that negative advertisement doesn’t work for german politicians yet (points at Ted Stevens).

Edit: Today (16th November 2008) Lutz Heilmann says in a press release of “die Linke” that he won’t take more legal actions against Wikipedia. He says the article about him on Wikipedia was changed sufficiently.
He also says he would now work together with Wikipedia to guard personal rights.
He should have worked with Wikipedia before suing them, in a constructive way. Now it sounds rather like a threat.

This article (except the links) is public domain.


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