sheep in winter, no snow yet

And I hope we won’t get any snow.
The grass isn’t growing much anymore and I feed the sheep with lucern and corn (concassé). Too much lucern causes diarrhea.

They call me when they see me. Nicest sheep is Wollköpfchen (Little Woolhead), she is a young one years old lady and runs to me to beg and nibble on me. She doesn’t allow me to rub her head or behind her ears (evil!), but we talk a lot. Means I talk and she bites.
Daffne still likes to get rubbed behind her ears.

The shutters on second floor of the stable went open and I’ll have to fix that.

I did experiments with straw, because several norman farmers told me their sheep eat straw. Mine don’t. Nobody has hay here in the area and without a van it’s like impossible to get hay. It’s a question of money, which I don’t have.


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