Assaultcube got hacked

Assaultcube seems to have been hacked yesterday. Homepage, Forum and Wiki were down because of something like a DDOS attack by from Kraków in Poland. Very inconvenient.

That did remind me of Tibia, where hackers came from Sweden or Poland and all the time.
But Assaultcube is a free game and not really a famous one. I can’t understand the motivation for an attack. Maybe someone was so angry about version 1.0 making his cheatprogramm for 0.93 obsolete?

Clown{TyD} rescued the Assaultcube world.

Applaus für Herrn Clown, deutsches Bundesarchiv (so berühmt ist er), cc by sa Lizenz

applause for Clown{TyD}, german federal archive (that's how famous he is 😉 ), cc by sa licence

We could watch the rescue action nicely in Assaultcube’s IRC channel.


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