Knubbel has a prolapse of the uterus

Knubbel a.k.a. 14 has a prolapse of the uterus (and vagina).

It was awfully cold here yesterday, -3° Celsius during the day and colder at night. That might be nothing in Sweden and Canada or Alaska, but here that’s extraordinarily cold.
This morning I went to the stable on the meadows, that’s in the farest corner near the road. There was Knubbel, a pregnant ewe, lying helplessly on her side. And something came out of her vagina, I thought the birth had started, it looked like a head of a lamb, but a huge head.

I ran and brought the dogs in the cottage, took a bucket of water and a guardening ton full of straw. Then I tried to examine the “birth”, I couldn’t get my hand into the ewe, that was odd.
So I ran back to the cottage and called the vet, who has his office in a town approximately 15 km away. Luckily he came immediately and was here after 20 minutes.

Meanwhile Knubbel arose and walked. She wanted to follow the other sheep in the park and that was actually a good idea, because I could guide her to the former horsebarn near the park and put her there in a box.

The vet is Belgian and usually he hates me, today he was okay though. He saw what had happened and told me to hold the sheep up by her hindlegs while he was shoving uterus and vagina back into the ewe.

“An haematoma”, blood and pieces of coagulated blood bespattered around. “That’s not good”, the vet said.
Meanwhile I was groaning and moaning and trying to hold the sheep with aching forearms. A pregnant ewe weighs up to 60kg. I was bathed in sweat when he finally managed to shove everything inside.

He asked me to hold the ewe’s labia while he took a huge curved needle and thick fibre. I thought he’ll stitch the ewe up and yes somehow that’s what he was doing.
He attached the fibre with the needle on one side of the labiae, then he wrapped the labiae and made a knot, telling me that if the birth would start I should open the knot. That could take 2 days or 2 weeks.

He said that would be dangerous for the mother and he doesn’t know if the lamb is still alive or dead in the ewe now. He gave an injection (probably antibiotics) and said the cold often causes a prolapse of uterus or/and vagina.
It’s the first time since 6 years this happened to one of our sheep and one time is more than enough.
The vet parted with a cheque of 61 Euros (40 Euros for driving here).

Knubbel, nachdem der Tierarzt da war, das ist echtes Blut

Knubbel, after the vet was here, that's real blood.

Knubbel stays in the barn now and has food and water there. I try to be french (= optimistic), it could have been much worse, but I dread the birth.

I hereby release text and photo of this Artikel into public domain.


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