foundling Miniputz

Miniputz was sitting on a tree in front of the main gate in January 2008. There’s nobody else living in that direction, but there’s a road, so I guess someone has abandoned her at our gate. She was around 8 weeks old.

She sat on that tree and was mewing miserably. The dogs had heard her and were barking. When I finally saw her in the dark I talked with her by mewing and words in a high pitched voice. She came down from the tree, in my arms and I carried her home. I gave her food, she was purring and I guess she decided immediately this was her new home.

Miniputz loves to ride on my back. I know now why witches on some pictures have a hunch. It’s a good seat for a cat.

Miniputz auf der Weide

Miniputz on the meadow

Miniputz auf einem Pfosten am Stall

Miniputz on a pole at the barn

Miniputz was attacking the other cats, even when she was a kitten. My cats were scared of her in the beginning. Schlafmütz and Miniputz don’t have any problems with each others anymore, but Farbexplosion and Miniputz are still at war (more or less).

Miniputz was pregnant very fast and gave birth to 4 kittens in June.

Kätzchen, ein paar Tage alt.

Kittens, some days old.



The kittens loved Tristan (our former old, sick Braque Allemand dog gentleman), they were climbing over him and sleeping on him.

die kätzische Jugend erobert Hund und Sofa

Kittens conquer the sofa



We gave all kittens away, except dariusz, we just couldn’t give him away that time, because it was so sad, they were so cute.



Ditsche auf der Weide

Ditsche auf der Weide


Doris auf einer Leiter

Dariusz is in love with Schlafmütz, which is very practical, he doesn’t have to go away to find a sexy cat. He has no problems with Farbexplosion.


Dariusz best friend ever was the Shih-Tzu-lady Mops.

Mops, Miniputz und Dariusz auf der Weide

Mops, Miniputz und Dariusz auf der Weide

Mops und Miniputz

Mops und Miniputz


Creative Commons License
Miniputz steht unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung 3.0 Deutschland Lizenz.


3 thoughts on “foundling Miniputz

  1. Your animals have the best names!

  2. Hehe, not really. Most of them have German names. Exceptions are Brad (Pitt) and Hercule (Poirot).

  3. They sound so much better than regular old English names, though!

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