Elf is dead

We got 3 more lambs today. Daffne got a lamb with dirty brown wool and Hernia got 2 tiny lambs. It’s a miracle that Hernia had no problems with giving birth. Elf had.

2 weeks ago I thought Elf must be giving birth every day but nothing happened. Today at 10 am I saw her behaving strangely, brought the dogs away and checked. Something was coming out of her, but it didn’t look very good. I thought though I’d leave her alone for 3 hours, because if a birth just starts, I would be more hindering than doing any good. At 2 pm it had not advanced and now I saw bloodstains, fresh blood. She was lying in the stable and I decided it’s time to put my arm in her. I couldn’t find anything, no legs no nothing, so I called the vet.

The vet came fast.
She has put her arm far deeper in Elf and finally found legs. She pulled out 2 dead lambs. They might have been dead for some time, they were lying in breech presentation and they were huge. Elf must have pressed a lot, but it was impossible to press the lambs out, instead their was a rupture of the uterus. The lambs had were outside of the uterus and that’s why I had been unable to find them. The interior of Elf was pretty much torn apart.

The vet asked me if I wanted her to cut Elf open and suture, but there was little chance she would recover. I told the vet to put Elf asleep. First, she could have suffered for weeks with peritonitis and second it would have been awfully expensive.

Elf had been a very friendly sheep. This was a sad day.

When she was dead I lifted her (alone!) on a barrow and brought her and the lambs to the road. We got a service here, that collects registered dead animals, I’ll call it tomorrow morning.


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