hunter and quarry united in death

Today I found a macabre tableau of dead bodies in the park. From a distance it looked like a piece of wood and it emerged as a dead bird of prey next to a dead mole. Hunter and quarry united in death.

Raubvogel und Maulwurf, tot, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Bird of prey and mole, dead, own photo, licence:CC by

I for sure don’t make any autopsy here, I can only say, that the bird had no wound, but the mole had a big hole in his belly. There was blood coming out of the birds nose when I picked him up with his foot. I like to imagine the bird died naturally, maybe over great excitment over a fat quarry.

Berta and Shaun were very insterested in the dead bodies. They are weird. After I watched the New Zealand movie “Black Sheep” I often call them “Zombielambs” anyways. Berta likes to suck on the tips of my ears, which is painful (poor ewes).

Berta und Shaun benehmen sich gruselig ;) , eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

scary Berta and Shaun 😉 , own photo, licence:CC by

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hunter and quarry united in death by stanze (Stanzilla, stanzebla) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
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