the lambs grow

Berta and Shaun are quite big now. They weigh 25kg (55.12lbs) Since last sunday I throw them out for the night. I have to close the garden with a gate and the dogs don’t really like that, but at least nobody is stepping with tiny hard hooves on us at night.

They still get a bit of goatmilk but mostly granulé. When I feed Berta by hand with granulé she nudges my hand, just as if it was an udder.
They still like to cuddle in the evenings.

The lambs start to lose their tails, 2 days ago Rudi brought me one (yuk).

Miniputz und Dariusz sehr ägyptisch in einer Reihe, komische Katzen. Eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Miniputz and Dariusz in a roww, very Egyptian, strange cats, own photo, licence:CC by

Rudi grast mit den Schafen ;), eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Rudi grazes with the sheep ;), own photo, licence:CC by

Daffnes Sohn sieht aus wie ein Mops. Eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Daffne's son looks like a mops. own photo, licence:CC by

Mops, Rudi und ein anderes Lamm, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Mops, Rudi and another lamb, own photo, licence:CC by

Miniputz stalks me (halp!). Eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Miniputz stalks me (halp!). own photo, licence:CC by

Ein Raubtier umkreist die Schafherde. Eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

A predator on the loose near a flog of sheep. Own photo, licence:CC by

Berta, Miniputz und Dariusz, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Berta, Miniputz and Dariusz, own photo, licence:CC by

Man steht um mich herum, wenn ich die Schafe in den Park lasse. Eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

Sheep are standing around me when I let them in the park. Own photo, licence:CC by

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