research on trolls

Since the fairy-tale creatures glut the land, the forests and hills of the environments are inhabited by trolls. I set up a research camp on the brink of the stoneforest and was observing the trolls from the distance until I was able to assess at which times it was relatively harmless to explore their dwellings.
During the day they did not seem to hang around at the rocks. I got camouflage clothes on, took my camera and went to the next pile of rocks.

The dwellings were dolmen that reminded me of bus stops in Germany. At the first dolmen I discovered, that the menhirs wore inscriptions. That was a sensation. The inscriptions were no pictures, it definitely looked like a writing system, similar to cuneiform and definitely unreadable for me. Did this imply that the trolls had their own writing system? Did they carve it into the rocks? I took some photos.

The photos looked wonderful on my computer, but I wanted more, I wanted to know all about the trolls and the culture. On the next day I snuck again to the dolmen and went farer than before into the stoneforest. This time a troll spotted me while I was taking photos of the inscriptions on a dolmen, he approached me very fast. I didn’t know if staying or running would be the better choice, one blow with his club would kill me instantly. It’s difficult to assess if a troll is angry or not, they always look frightening. I stayed because of stupid scientific curiosity.

Hünengrab bei Steinfeld, 1937,von Günter Rapp (Mühlenarchiv Rapp), Lizenz: CC by SA

dolmen near Steinfeld, 1937,by Günter Rapp (Mühlenarchiv Rapp), licence: CC by SA

I was sweating immensely, my knees were trembling. The troll came near and was grunting. I was pointing hysterically at the inscriptions and tried to show him my photos with the review function of the camera. As if that would have convinced him that I am no edible vermin. His grunts seemed to convey that he was interested. I brimmed over with enthusiasm, my first conversation with a troll. I took him to the near research camp and showed him the photos on my computer.

I tried to explain to him the concept of dimensions by gestures. Told him the inscriptions were twodimensional writing and asked if the trolls made the inscriptions. He was shaking his head but I wasn’t disappointed. Maybe the inscriptions were related with the arrival of the fairy-tale beings. He showed me with gestures that the inscriptions have been there before his kind came to the stoneforest. And then he indicated that the trolls have a twodimensional writing system too, he poked his finger on the table, then pullled it back in the air and made sniffing sounds. They used olfactory markers as writing system. I was simmering with excitement and woke up.

Guess I played too much Rage of Mages 2.

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