Arum, worms and inspection of the stable

If you have sheep you don’t need fitness sport. Yesterday I treated the sheep with Cestocur against taenia. I had to run a lot and play sheepdog, while the dogs were locked in the garagestable. Then I had to catch the sheep, hold em and ride on them. That looks funny and is a good exercise for the femoral muscles.

On the afternoon I brought fresh straw in the sleeping stable down at the road. I carried it in a green gardening ton. I walked around 5km careening between the sleeping- and the strawstable. I didn’t even finish the work but had to stop or fall down and sleep on the meadow.

We got some arum maculatum in the park and this year even at the edge of the pasture. That stuff is deadly poisonous. I call it Norman shitflower. Usually the sheep don’t eat it, but I fear they could eat it (*knocks three times on her head*).

gefleckter Aronstab, Arum maculatum, eigenes Foto, Public Domain

arum maculatum, own photo, Public Domain

noch'n Arum maculatum, eigenes Foto, Lizenz: Public Domain/Gemeinfrei

another Arum maculatum, own photo, licence: Public Domain

The neighbours have cows again, sadly it’s not the special white Norman giant cow I prefer, but just a common cow. They have been sawed off, which looks stupid.

verstümelte Kühe als Zaungäste, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:Public Domain/Gemeinfrei

mutilated cows as onlookers, own photo, licence:Public Domain/Gemeinfrei

ein Schwatz übern Zaun, eigenes Foto, Lizenz: Public Domain/Gemeinfrei

a chat over the fence, own photo, licence: Public Domain

Berta and Shaun surveyed my “furnishing” and checked if I use proper straw. They stayed very long in the strawstable, played there and cuddled with me.

Schafstatuen, Shaun ist etwas ausgebleicht von der Sonne, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

sheepstatues, Shaun is bleached by the sun, own photo, licence:CC by

olfaktorische Inspektion der Heugabel, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

olfactory inspection of the pitchfork, own photo, licence:CC by

was ist das da für Zeug an der Wand? eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

what's that stuff on the wall? own photo, licence:CC by

nach dem sie umgefallen ist muss die Heugabel nochmal untersucht werden, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

after she fell down, the pitchfork has to be insprected again, own photo, licence:CC by

Das Strohrad muss auch gustatorisch untersucht werden, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

the strawwheel has to be inspected gustatory, own photo, licence:CC by

And then it was getting warm, especially for those that wore a lot of wool. So some were seeking a place in the shadow at the sleeping stable. The strange stripes on the sheep are markings which I made with “bleu” to keep trace of who has been treated with vermifuge.

im Schatten herumliegen mit Phex, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:CC by

lying in the shadow with Phex, own photo, licence:CC by


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