rural sports

Lately life forced me to exercise rural sports.

It began with parquetwaxing, that’s some kind of crawling through a room while rubbing wax in the parquet. Sounds unspectacular? Try it!

Les raboteurs de parquet von Gustave Caillebotte 1875, public domain

Les raboteurs de parquet by Gustave Caillebotte 1875, public domain

The car decided not to start when it was standing in the sun. It wanted to be pushed. There are some versions of carpushing Pushing the car down a hill and jumping in it while coasting. Jumping out of the car while it’s still moving. I got to admit, carpushing is extremely exhausting.

Plakat des Fremdenverkehrsamtes in Coulommiers von 1920, fahr nicht nach Coulommiers ohne den tollen Käse zu kaufen. Public Domain

poster of the tourist office in Coulommiers from 1920. Don't drive to Coulommiers without buying the cheese. Public Domain

On rounding up the sheep I had to play sheepdog, because my dogs suck at herding. I had to run a lot and to change directions very fast and to duck under the branches of trees. After doing the sheepdog runs I was sheepcatching. Sheepcatching trains dynamic vision, reaction, agility and quickness and a lot of exotic muscles. Versions of sheepcatching are for example rambowling and tug of ram. You got to use male sheep for that, it doesn’t work with computer components.

“Mutton Bustin”, beim 13. jährlichen Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza in Denver, von Arthur Mouratidis, Lizenz:CC by

“Mutton Bustin”, on the 13 annual Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza in Denver, by Arthur Mouratidis, licence:CC by

To get the car back from the garage I had to exercice forced march, or more precise: getting pulled by a small terrier, who takes walking very seriously, in the next village.

Because of all those sheepcatching activities I had to do some strawlifting. On strawlifting I either pull it through the countryside for some kilometers or just stem it.

Stroh tragende Frauen in Burkina Faso. Foto von Toni Linder, Evilard, Schweiz, Lizenz: CC by.

strawlifting women in Burkina Faso. photo by Toni Linder, Evilard, Swiss, licence: CC by.

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