How to pronounce the name Manon

Manon is a French female firstname. There’s a novel by Abbé Prévost called Manon Lescaut, which was used for an opera with the same name by Giacomo Puccini.

There’s also a Welsh first name “Manon” but I have no idea how to pronounce Welsh. So let’s talk about the French name:

The “a” is a short a like in “part” or like the u in “hut”. The second n is very french and there is nothing comparable in English or American language. It is a nasal vowel. To produce it, lower the soft palate so that air escapes through nose and mouth at the same time. has no soundfile for that one, but one for canon (cannon) and fanon (villus). Just put an m instead of the f or c and that would be Manon.


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