We managed to shear 14 sheep yesterday, it took 10 and a half hours. It’s warm outside. I lost around a liter of sweat when I was catching the lambs and throwing them out of the boxes in which the sheep were.
The dogs were waiting for me in front of the stable and irritating the naked sheep that left the building.

Rudi und Bach die Wachhunde, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:public domain/gemeinfrei

Rudi and Bach, guard dogs, own photos, licence:public domain

durch diese hohle Gasse muss es kommen..., eigenes Foto, Lizenz:public domain/gemeinfrei

Bach plays sphinx, own photo, licence:public domain

Phex bewacht den Stall, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:public domain/gemeinfrei

Phex guards the entrance, own photo, licence:public domain

We finished at a quarter past 8 in the evening. There are 5 sheep left, which we have to do today. And I already managed to screw things up by letting one of them escape from the meadow. It’s lamb was in the park and crying all night, the udder must have hurt, but it was impossible to let the lamb on the meadow, it was too scared of me.

Our shepherd is 80 years old, I do everything for him that depends on brute force, like throwing the sheep on the ground, lifting them in a sitting position, fixing the legs. He’s very heroic though. He shears by hand without electric.

The male lambs fell immediately in love with the shorn ladies.

Berta reckt ihr Schwänzchen, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:gemeinfrei/public domain

Berta gets attention, own photo, licence:public domain


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