protest rally of the sheep

Since the shepherd told me it might be a good idea to keep the sheep in the park for two weeks (even at night), and then two weeks on the pasture, I try that. In the summer it’s not a problem, the sheep can sleep outside in the park, if they don’t like the provisorial barns. After two weeks in the park it’s full of sheepshit though.
At the moment we have a “two-weeks-on-the-pasture” time and there are sheep-protest-rallys every day. Berta, Shaun and Daffne usually manage to get in the park anyways, they are my “children” and don’t mind to squeeze their way through the gate between me and the dogs.

Die Schafe protestieren am Tor, Shaun und Berta in der ersten Reihe, Daffne hat sich schon durchgequetscht, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:public domain/gemeinfrei

protest rally of the sheep, Shaun and Berta in the first row, Daffne already managed to get in the park, own phot, licence:public domain


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