Last Tuesday I have let the sheep in the park, where they are supposed to stay for 2 weeks. They liked it, but now they besiege the cottage. Under the chestnut trees in front of the fence of the cottage camp the Huns, uhm, I mean “sheep”. Berta and Shaun know about the weakness in the defensive fortification, the breach in the fence. I made it so the dogs can run out anytime, but lambs are not (that) stupid. As soon as the sun rises until late at night they besiege the door. Not only for feeding but also for cuddling. They want to be with their mother, and that’s me.

This morning I dreamt Shaun was able to speak. He talked with me and I made him a glove with integrated crayon and started to teach him how to write.

Shaun, der Belagerer, eigenes Foto, Lizenz: public domain/gemeinfrei

Shaun, the besieger, own photo, licence: public domain

er meints ernst, er will rein, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:public domain/gemeinfrei

he is serious, own photo, licence: public domain

Berta ist natürlich auch da, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:public domain/gemeinfrei

Berta is the co-besieger, own photo, licence: public domain

The castle on the other hand gets besieged by firebugs (Pyrrhocoridae).

Feuerwanzen am Schloss, verschwommen sieht man links Miniputz und Bach, die gern in meiner Nähe herumhängen, eigenes Foto, Lizenz:public domain/gemeinfrei

firebugs on the castlefaçade, on the left are Miniputz and Bach, own photo, licence: public domain


To the extent possible under law, stanze, stanzebla, Stanzilla
has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to

CC zero and public domain are pretty much the same.


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