The confusion of the lambs

Yesterday 2 ewes gave birth to 4 lambs at the same place and time, afterwards all of them were confused about who belongs to whom. The small brown ewe ran around the stable and didn’t know what to do. She is 2 years old. 3 years old Daffne seemed to think she had 4 lambs. She stayed with the lambs in the hole that had once been digged by a Vietnamese guy who wanted to build a swimming pool in the stable.

I hadn’t seen the birth, thus it was impossible for me to tell them apart. I decided to try to be optimistic just like real French people and left them together over night. When I came on the pasture this morning, 2 lambs were with Daffne. One lamb was lying a bit away from the others. I feared it could be dead, but it was just asleep and started to cry after I woke it up. Daffne ran immediately to the lamb, so that seems to be fine. The fourth lamb was in the stable in the above mentioned hole in a corner. It was sleeping as well, woke up and cried. I carried it to Daffne, but Daffne ran away. I carried it to Daffne again, and Daffne attacked it with her head. So this poor lamb has no mother anymore, because the 2 mothers forgot it. I took it in the house, it’s a boy, that wants to drink all the time. It gets Galaction, milk powder for lambs. It wears a diaper and lies on my lap atm. If I put it on the ground Rudi, our terrier, cleans it all the time.

lamm und hund, lamb and dog

Nameless lamb explores the corner of the stove, guarded by Rudi. Own photo, licence:public domain

lamm mit windel und hund, lamb with diaper and dog

And here you can see it's diaper. Own photo, licence: public domain


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