Sheep shearing without electricity 2010

This year our shepherd is 81 years old. Two days ago he sheared 18 sheep on one day, without electricity, with oldfashioned shears. He suffers from rheumatism and I help him to catch the sheep and move them until their legs are attached. But he still does the actual shearing.

I made a video of the shearing of the first sheep, but had to get the deworming injections (Ivomec) ready, so I missed the start, when he was cutting the wool at the throat with his scissors. The video is nearly 11 minutes long.

Shaun has been a brown sheep since around a year (he was born black last years January). Shearing made him black again.

Brown Shaun, own photo, licence: public domain

sheep shearing black ram, schafschur schwarzer bock

A black Shaun ist carved out of brown wool. Own photo, licence:CC by/ Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

black sheep, schwarzer schafbock

Naked black Shaun (with a bit of a greyish appearance), own photo, licence: public domain

Except of that, all was the same procedure as every year. The sheep seemed to be fat and big before the shearing and now they look small and vulnerable.


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