Wedding anniversary and music

Last Saturday we’ve been on a wedding anniversary of friends of ours. Markus played there with their band, which usually consists of one son (of the happy couple) as guitarplayer, another son on the drums, a French man on the second guitar and Markus plays the bass. The guitarson got stuck in Rouen, so they couldn’t play the whole set. But the daughter-in-law is a classical pianist and joined with the band to play “take five”. And the father of the French guitar player turned out to be a bluesguitarist. I think I put my foot in it several times. Except of that I enjoyed my time with Sophika (spelling), the daughter of the pianist and ate a lot.

The happy husband, own photo

The happy couple, own photo

Happy couple standing, own photo

Band with bluesfather, own photo

Having the blues, own photo

And son, own photo

Concentrated..., own photo

Three Take five, own photo

Jazz seems to hurt a bit, own photo

© 2010 stanze, Stanzilla, stanzebla (the three names of the beast) all rights of this article and photos are reserved to the author and the depicted persons.


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