Tibia revisited in oldfashioned clothes

I quit Tibia before they implemented the level- and vocation requirements. Therefore I was still wearing a dragon scale mail and knight legs when I revisited tibia yesterday to join the gamemaster-goodbye-event on the server Harmonia. I met lots of old friends, strange enough. Some old friends have become gamemaster in the meantime. On Monday the gamemasters will be obsolete. CipSoft decided that the Stasi-system (secret police of the former German Democratic Republic) will work better than the gamemaster-system, good luck. The meeting happened on the Tibianic, the guildhall of the guild of most of my old friends. The furniture got destroyed by the crowd. I was waiting most of the time for Iron Miny, who has a lot of work in real life. During the ten minutes we met, we married. The marriage in tibia has advanced a lot.

I still have the same computer and the game still runs awfully bad (no surprise there).

Oldfashioned clothes, if I'll die ingame, I won't be able to put them on again, so no dying allowed.

GM Rebel signing a goblet.

The raging crowd.

The marriage ceremony.

Receiving an engraved ring and funny clothes.

Teleported to a safe exotic isle.

So that’s where my character is now. On a safe exotic isle, without mana recovery, in a wedding dress.

The farewell of some GMs.


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