Tibia gamemasters obsolete, the end of an era

It’s obvious I had two evenings of too much information in Tibia. I am overwhelmed by it and don’t know if I should laugh or cry. One of the results of the changes is, that nobody in the default channel chats anymore. They don’t say a word. They don’t even say hi. I asked players about it and they said, they can’t even tell people not to attack “their” monsters. Well I guess they can’t insult botters or lurers as well. On the GM event players were banished for using “old” tibia slang. I seriously don’t understand why they don’t implement a language filter like in other games. Fear to get reported for every word is not really what I consider fun.

This decision to get rid of the gamemasters in many ways wrong. Gamemasters were part of the game, they will be missed, they played godlike beings that were loved or hated by the crowd. I knew a lot of them and I only knew one that was abusing his power. They “worked” for free. The one that was abusing his power might even have acted on orders. He resigned years ago but somehow that didn’t make me feel better. Internetcommunity means internetsolitariness to me.

Deker, one of my friends and a very good tutor and gamemaster.

CipSoft doesn’t say how they will fight cheating in future. But since I played first person shooters, I imagine CipSoft use some kind of software, an equivalent to Punkbuster. No idea why they don’t say it, to gain more money I guess. If the cheaters don’t know they will get caught, they won’t quit.

Tutors will become obsolete too, but that’s actually reasonable, since several years most of the tutors have cheated the tutor test, to gain some power over others. Power in internetcommunities means exactly nothing in real life. Cheating does…

Some guys made a living on selling their ingame gold for real life money. It is very likely that CipSoft will allow every kind of cheating in future, and also the selling of pixels for dollars as long as they can control it and gain money from it.

Goblet signing.

The way how they got rid of the gamemasters was a slap in the face. And one of them commented it with the words. “Community managers get payed not to criticize the company, they got rid of us because we criticized them.” The reason “The community doesn’t trust you.” Is indeed an offence. And if there’s no gamemaster to fear, but instead the players fears his neighbour, that doesn’t really improve things in my opinion. Secret police and denunciation has a long tradition in Germany. In the german Democratic Republic for example neighbours reported each others for watching the wrong tv channels (!). I don’t say the game goes down or is ruined, I can’t judge about that. It was ruined for me some years ago.

Rupert, GM for some hours.

Ara Luxie


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