Vacation in Tibia

I needed a bit of a vacation and spent it in Tibia. No, that doesn’t mean I will immediately retire now. Some of the guys that spoiled my game seem to be gone, or are semi-retired. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anybody though.

Teaspoon and Teacup, funny names are possible now, not too funny though. Imm Tired got a namelock for part of a sentence (as if Imm was a proper English word). He renamed himself to Omagad Imm and one has to wonder if that name will stay untouched by the trigger-happy players.


  • It’s cute
  • Cons:

  • It’s boring. Okay it’s not always boring but the exciting things lead to characterdeath, which leads to loss of experience (=level), and to recover from this one has to pay a lot of gold and do boring things for a long time. So… even the exciting things lead to boredom.
  • Second day of the world quest in 2010, in the cave of Penephtwhatever, the dead bodies are playercharacters.

    Third day of the worldquest 2010, the Folda-team, with their food supplier.

    Cryptic messages after killing the minibosses. The Folda-team waits.

    Getting the rewards, somehow so-called achievements are part of the rewards. That doesn't tell me anything, but I liked the wisdom stone, that granted me with 385000 experience (after all I had died during the quest due to a bug, no not the creature, somehow tibians call bugs debugs if they get kicked out of the game, it's still a bug though).

  • Everybody is reporting each others for everything.
  • The rule enforcement is still not the best: Botters can be reported, tiny problem is: botters are usually of higher level than the other people, that hunt at the same spot. The reporting process takes some minutes. Reporting a botter in a dangerous spot like the infamous water element cave, will most likely lead to the death of the reporter, except if someone guards him while reporting or if he manages to click on the botter while the reporting player stands behind the level door. In other words, GMs were immortal, players aren’t. If players report something on weekends it will take until Tuesday till it get’s processed. So “hackers” have a lot of time.
  • They were immortal, now they are deleted but still sleeping beauties.

    And when they were dismissed they received a wet handshake, no wait, a GM Doll and two years free premmy and some other rare pixels they could sell for ingame gold.

  • It takes a lot of effort to make people talk ingame, most are away from keyboard, others fear to get reported. If they talk they speak in a strange language with lots of abbrevations, because their time is money, no wait… gold.
  • Many of my old enemies don’t hate me anymore but many of my old friends don’t like me anymore and I can’t blame them I was gone for over 3 years. There are still some around I like a lot, but I miss Zazzedel and somehow my former guild is really not the same anymore. Everybody is manasitting away from keyboard at work and I really don’t get the point of that. It’s the most senseless gameplay I could imagine. An idle world.

    Yes we had a lot of fun with the guild.

  • As I played some shooters I hate to be unable to move diagonal, I hate to have to click on the map all the time. The new hunting places are made to click. It’s not possible to hunt there while moving with arrow keys. So generally the player clicks with one hand and presses 2 different hotkeys with the other hand, one for healing, one for attack.
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