Tibia: Voyages with ghostship and steamboat

Until now I had many strange adventures in the “new” Tibia. Roleplayers are nearly extincted in that game, but sometimes one of them appears and it is still allowed to behave a bit silly. When I was still sleeping in the Tibianic, I lived in Thais. I formerly was a Venorian, but grew fond of the Thaisian city life.

Here I show my Venorian nature. I tried to keep that bench for me, by putting my towel on it, but Norfen just ignored it.

In Thais me and Iron Miny joined the Jester Guild and we were finally accepted as complete idiots… uhm I mean “perfect fools”.

Iron and me had to deliver an exploding confetti cookie to the orc king, and due to some circumstances that included Irons paladin, we engaged Zoover to help us. Korgue came with us and killed everything in sight.

Me and Iron at the bridge at the castle in Thais after we got our first jester outfit.

Beware of the jester! Me on the ghostship, scaring away the ghosts.

Then I moved out of the Tibianic to Kazordoon, where I have a nice little flat in the Tunnel Gardens. I made the acquaintance of a paranoid inventor by name of Rapanaio. Together we found out, that the Isle of Evil really exists. Rapanaio brought me to the isle in his steamboat. The isle was full of evil and cute creatures (especially the Evil Sheep, Killer Rabbits, Hot Dogs, Doom Deer and Infernal Frogs reminded me of my real life). Since the hordes of the evil were too big for this old newbie (me), I asked Kerinio for help, and he killed all.

The steamboat to the Isle of Evil.

Me and Kerinio after he had slain the Evil Mastermind.

I received some odd items, Trousers of the ancients, Odd Hat, Poet's Fencing Quill, Heavy Metal T-Shirt and Farmer's Avenger.

Strange enough was, that the Evil Mastermind had been the biggest fan of King Tibianus. I took his Fan Club Membership Card and Tibianus rewarded me with a Fan Doll of King Tibianus. I was very touched by that noble gesture.

Noodles was a bit jealous though.


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