Tibia: Quest marathon

There are still loads of quests that were implemented during the last 3 years in Tibia, which I haven’t done yet, or not finished. I still don’t know what I can do and what not. I still change my hotkeys and get confused because I changed them. I think the most fun for me ingame is when I explain others how to do their quests, without even seeing it, only by imagining the place. Yes, that sounds weird, I am probably weird. I can admit I suck at playing, but I don’t like if somebody witnesses it, it’s so embarassing. I did the “Sea of Light Quest” on Blaismera (my noobknight) and Blamina and the “Against the Spider Cult Quest” on Blamina. The latter was no fun, I don’t like giant spiders, I tried to kill them with fire strike, but it took so long, that I rather used sudden death runes on them. Yes, you can laugh about me or tell me something about waste….

Entrance to the lair of the collector on Vega.

The collector wasn't much of a challenge for Blaismera, a level 18 knight with 48/48 skills.

After I explained Harpyk how to do Troll Sabotage Quest, without going with him.

After the spider extinction in Edrons orc cave.

Daniel Steelsoul, the leader of Edron, already had a death certificate ready. I am not THAT incapable.

Be careful when you read the wiki and they write players of this and that vocation can kill this and that creature at this and that level. The wiki is written by very skilled players, whatever they suggest won’t work if you have lag, or if you meet a very mean creature of a kind, or if you miss click. Or if the sun shines in your eyes, your cat plays with the mousecord and so on and so on. Doretef read that paladins can hunt giant spiders with level 50. That doesn’t necessarily apply for players from Canada on European servers. His first giant spider caught him and killed him. I was in my house in Kazordoon, so it took me some time to appear at the place where Doretef died. He was already taking revenge.

Doretef took revenge.

And showed me his corpse after he had kicked the giant spiders corpse into a river.


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