Bye Bonsais

The bosses gave us two little bonsais this summer. They had bought them for themselves, but had problems to keep them alive, the bonsais lost their leaves. I have put the bonsais outside on a garden table, repot them with proper substratum, watered them with soft water (deficient in lime) and spoke to them twice a day. In the internet I found some photos of bonsais and i thought they were fig trees. They got new leaves and looked very healthy. The library in Bernay has no book about bonsais, so it took me until last Tuesday to buy a book.

The two little bonsais on the living-room table this morning. own photo, licence: public domain

When I compared the bonsais to the photos in the book, I found out, that they were no fig trees, but tea trees, “arbre du thé”. Tee trees are very delicat, they die if the temperature of their environment falls under 17°C (+62.6 °F) or if they are exposed to a cold draught. I immediately brought the two little trees in the house. But in the house they don’t get enough light. If I buy a plant lamp it would still be too cold in the house in winter. The temperatures in the house drop down to 9°C (+48.2 °F) at night. We can’t heat all rooms and the rooms, that we do heat, are not heated the whole day and night. We would have had to put the trees with a plant lamp in the bathroom and heat it 24/24. That’s too expensive. Therefore I asked the mason, if he would adopt the trees. He has a sphynx (hairless cat) and has to heat 24/24 anyways, because his cat would die if he doesn’t. He agreed to take the bonsais and this morning at dawn I made some photos of the bonsais before I have put them in his car. Somehow they are like living beings.

The tea tree bonsais on the garden table at dawn, they have stayed there all summer. Own photo, licence: public domain

Tea tree bonsais and Phex, our Belgian shepherd, own photo, licence: public domain

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