Tibia: The druid is a knight

I was told not to try the mission 3: “Death to the Deathbringer” of the Tibia-quest “In Service of Yalahar” alone, because several bog raiders roam the area and Korgue offered to help me. I was level 82 and he level 83 when we did it, and both druids. Yes, that is embarrassing for me, but I get used to it. We had to do it twice, because I had to deal 51% or more damage to Fred and Bill, which we didn’t know first time we went there.

Korgue blocks Diseased Fred for me.

Except of that quest I advanced in the “Unnatural Selection”-quest.

First time I went there to get the skull I wondered what to do.

Blaylyr, my Mageran noobdruid killed the Collector at level 14.

It lives in a nice cave.

And did the Venoran Tibia tale “The Ultimate Booze”. It was very easy, just a bit annoying to walk that far with such a low speed.

In the upper floor of the dwarven brewery in Kazordoon.

In general I still wonder how many people pay for the game to chat only. That’s 6 Euro per month just to chat. MSN would be cheaper. And I wonder if CipSoft needs the cheaters, account traders, gold sellers because they pay for premium accounts. I think big games like Tibia get destroyed by the players, and the developers allow it. This process might be inevitable. The number of players leads to delusions of grandeur of the highest levels and of the “leading guilds” of the servers. I wonder if some of the gamemasters had delusions of grandeur as well. Some say they had more fun as a GM than as a player, others say they never liked to ban people and that there is not much of a difference for them now.

Right now I googled gamemaster+powerabuse+tibia and found a very disturbing entry about Tibia in the Encyclopedia Dramatica, I won’t link it here, because it contains a lot of truth, but was mainly written by someone from USA with Tourette Syndrome.


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