Tibia: Under heavy lag attack

I had some problems with my internet. Tibia Often has problems with DDoS attacks, but this time it was really a problem from my side. I even called my ISP and they said they will try to do something about it. It’s better since 2 days, but that doesn’t say much, it’s better since the weather is better.

Korgue, Fidelie and Nufebe helped me and Nalia Clawald (Zinina) to get the rest of the missions of the quest “in service of Yalahar”. Some day I will pay a quest service for the last mission. Hase helped Badn’Aegzor on the mission with mission 3 “death to the deathbringer” and they dragged me along because I had the marks on the map and knew where to go. I even had a kick during that mission.

Hum hum, how about go away stupid Servant Golem, no, that's not love and no magnet either.

I at least tried to heal him... Badn just killed Diseased Dan.

During the time of my freezes and kicks there was a guildwar on the server Harmonia. The guild Fate fought against the guild Almighty Force. Fate won.

Fate and Almighty Force gathering on Venore boat.

Kerinio helped me with a mission of the “travelling trader quest” I had to run through the djungle of Tiquanda and that could have ended badly with a freeze in front of a hydra or a kick in front of anything. I only had lags though and managed to reach the pub with an awful stinking scarab cheese in my backpack.

I even got an achievement for that, a nose clip would have been nicer.

When the lag/freezes/kicks were gone Korgue and Fidelie helped me with the mission 7 “messengers of peace” of the “new frontier quest”, actually Korgue was very energetic and forced me and Fidelie to do it. Even without lag it was scary. When I was with the questnpc I had no idea what to say to him, had to open browser and check on the tibiawiki.

Don't forget to take the tome of knowledge.

Korgue really has a lot of energy on that day and he decided to become warlord of Svargrond. me and Hase went to watch the show in the arena. Hase was dressed in warm fur clothing, while I was freezing my butt off, because I even forgot to wear my fur boots. And that pirate shirt is quite short. I will definitely not try tha warlord arena soon.

Nice tactic with the energy wall, but it hurts still.

The last boss was really mean, a demon that summoned fire elementals, that spammed fire fields on the energy walls.

That hurts.

There he killed the demon and became the title Warlord of Svargrond. It's a miracle how he survived though.

Because of Korgues arena victory I decided to do at least the scrapper difficulty and it wasn’t really difficult. I took the club weapon “Cranial Basher” because I am such an oldfashioned druid (I use a weapon to aim). It’s heavy but it can be enchanted and it smashes the bones of creatures very nicely.

The chicken (me) became at least a Scrapper.


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