Tibia: Pits of Inferno for the masses

Last Sunday I did the Tibia quest “pits of inferno” with the service of the guild Fate. Since they won a guildwar last week against the guild Almighty Force, loads of players joined the quest. Maybe 30? It was impossible to count them, most of the time we were stacked somewhere. At least two players made a tibiacast, but it collapsed because of the stacking. At least one player died, Rhonyn, he couldn’t accept not to attack and had to run in front all the time. One player from Brazil, Fionya, spoke not a single word English which made it impossible to explain to her certain things. Fate members speak English, Polish and Swedish. The whole quest took 3 hours and 10 minutes which is not long compared to the amount of players that did it, but it was too long to be fun. I had an awful headache afterwards, I had to put two players on ignore, Rhonyn and Deatheatter. Deatheatter was constantly spamming “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. That’s what you get if you play an internet game for children.

Gathering at the temple in the Plains of Havoc, this day they deserved their name well. It took long to invite everyone to the party, because there is a new rule, after an invitation of ten players the inviter has to wait 80 to 200 seconds.

Entrance of the Pits of Inferno, the firepaths for the different vocations.

Trying to open the doors while 10 other players try the same.

One or more of the less pleasant players were pushing the others out of the stack constantly. Therefore several field or wall runes had to be placed around the stack.

Waiting for Fionya at the bureaucrats. This part of the quest might have been actually funny without the masses.

Same amount of players, now stacked.

I got myself in trouble when I answered nej to the question if someone speaks Swedish and had to block spawn, two other guys blocked other spawns. Spawnblocking alone would have been a relief if the place wasn't so scary.

What do those millstones grind? Bones?

Pentomon was spawnblocking too.

At the part of the bridges over the poisoncanals the patience of some players was at an end. Wertation has warned everyone not to advance in front of him.

In the upper left corner you see Rhonyn with two blightwalkers.

Shouts of joy were heard, I mean read, when Rhonyn fell.

The mass continued to writhe over the bridges. This is my last screenshot, we emerged the last throne, reached the treasure room and found the exit somehow, all in a blurr of headache.


3 thoughts on “Tibia: Pits of Inferno for the masses

  1. Doing POI is awesome, I almost get a headache just from looking at so many players at the same place lol. Such a mess.

    Organizing such service must be incredibly hard, and lol a that new party invitation rule ;O

  2. Yes, you can bet I was happy to be a customer and not an organisator.

    I changed the main language of the blog to English and hope it worked. Somehow I had German as main language because I didn’t really understand the settings. Mi ish stoopid, like Cipsoft would say.

  3. awesome. English is so much easier to understand for meh lol.

    I’ll have to enable comments on my blog somehow. No idea how to do it =D

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