Tibia history

Tibia is a nowadays mmorpg, massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. It’s language is British English. Tibia’s birthday was January 7th, 1997. A permanent server on rrws27.uni-regensburg.de at the University of Regensburg in Germany was launched. The first player was Albe, he showed up on January 10th. More and more players joined and stayed online longer. The server got too small for so much activity, the developers bought their own server (tibia.uni-passau.de) and set it up at the University of Passau in Germany on July 2nd, 1998. Then the code was entirely rewritten and the new Beta 5.0 launched on June 18th, 1999. The average number of players online grew from about 50 in summer 1999 to about 150 in summer 2000. When I quit in summer 2007 there were 50000 players online on all their servers. Due to World of Warcraft (that’s only a guess) there are “only” up to 30000 players online nowadays.

Their official website is http://www.tibia.com. More information about old tibiaversions can be found on the tibiawiki and more detailed in an open tibia forum. Note that it is not allowed to talk about open tibia in the official tibia and no, I never played open tibia.

Tibia is copyright © Cipsoft GmbH


24 thoughts on “Tibia history

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  12. […] won a nightmare doll in a Tibia fansite contest (tibiaML). Knight of the white wolf gave it a room in the Tibianis. I think in the […]

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