Tibia: Nomads and dreams

Since I was away for 3 years, there are still many quests in Tibia to do. I found out, that I am not really a gifted thief, when I had to sneak in a house full of nomads to steal a jewel chest for other nomads. I think it took me four attempts.

The column that leads to the nomads hideout and the message you get when you are as clumsy as I am. I never liked tomb raider.

Then I was kissing a pig to get a firlefanz. Firlefanz is a German word and means, falderal, frippery, rubbish. You can hang the firlefanz on the walls of your house, if you have one. No, it’s not necessary to go to the Queen of the Banshees if you already did banshee quest.

But... I am afraid... I have to confess something...

When I saw the next screenshot, I wondered, why the heck would he become famous. After thinking about it for a while I remembered that I most likely just gotten fishing level 80, which brought me on the first page of the fishing highscores on Harmonia. Fishing highscore doesn’t make people famous though… even less if someone else got it.

Okay okay you'll be famous.

Nomad raid might be the most boring raid in all tibia. I never saw it before (obvious reasons, I wasn’t playing when it was implemented), Badn and Norfen had never seen one before as well. So we went there. It was very disappointing. Except of us there was only one player who killed nomads, he was level 30something. He was pouting if we touched a nomad, because if we touched a nomad, it died.

Badn kills em all.

Then I remembered, that I had started dreamchallenge quest years ago, but didn’t get beyong the first riddle. That time I didn’t have two death rings, now I had. I got myself a carrot, two death rings, a life ring, a vial of water and off I went to the plains of Havoc, dodged a giant spider and jumped in the hole where Hugo the demonbunny lives.

The circle of life has no beginning and no ending. Sometimes I wonder if Knightmare watched too many karate kid movies.

After I had put the pillows in the correct order. This took me some time. Zydor was always tellling me: that's easy, just think logically. Gnagnagna...

For every o use a o and for every x use an x. That was indeed easy.

Watching myself sleep.


Hum hum

Clocks accompany my steps with their ticking.

One of the dream scenarios was actually dangerous. I had no helmet of the deep on me and landed under the sea. It wasn’t obvious where to move, so I feared to drown. I moved in time to the correct spot diagonal in on the lower right of me though.

The dream master, yes, maybe too many karate kid...

2 thoughts on “Tibia: Nomads and dreams

  1. I’ve seen the Nomad Raid before! Don’t you remeber that I was telling you that it’s boring? =D

    Anyway, great post. I’ll have to start doing some more quests soon, Dreamers challengse looks like a funny thing to do lol. (except for that GS killing part)

  2. Oh yes, now you say it, I remember you mentioned something like that.

    I didn’t kill the giant spider, I dodged and jumped in the hole. After the quest you leave through the knightwatch tower and there are teleporters that lead to Carlin and Thais. I had orichalcum pearls on me, so I could return to town without having to deal with giant spiders.

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