Tibia: emotions, drama and paranoia

Yesterday I talked in Tibia with some highlevel. He asked me where I am from, I said I live in France. Then he suddenly told me that there are five botters with French names, that never get banned, and that there must be a French highlevel that owns them. First, the names were probably automatically generated and they didn’t sound French to me. Second, there are no French highlevels on the server. I met in all my time in tibia only 2 other French players, both don’t play on our server and both would never run a bot farm. All the others were Québecois. I got to admit, I felt accused, since there are no French players, I just said I am French, and he said some French person controlls the bots. But I am only level 87 and I played for 6 years in all and 3 years active. So how insane is it to think I am some kind of Napoléona Blanaparte (nice name btw).

Then he said, that Leya Iron is Iron Miny, because he was banned after he had an argument with Leya Iron. If all names that contain “Iron” would be Iron Miny, he would be very busy. No, Leya Iron is not Iron Miny. I asked why he was banned and he said that he was unbanned again after a complaint.

Then followed a long and depressing story about his hunting the botters. Just put Moby-Dick in a Tibian environment and you can imagine what it was like.

GM Ryller examines two macroers that had been reported by me and/or Majster-Hubu in Port Hope in July 2006.

But since he told me he started to play Tibia in 1998 I became a bit sentimental myself and googled highlevel rookstayers on Antica, the first Tibia server. I found a youtube video of Master Slayer, in which he featured amoung others Sunrise and GM Kajala. I remember Kajala. Before I quit I was hunting botters, not to kill them, only to report them. And Kajala often answered my reports. I remember also when Sunrise got level 100 on Rookgard many years ago. It was a sensation. He was the reason why I made a rookstayer myself. It got deleted when I was inactive and it was only level 16. The video is very emotional and it was removed by the uploader later. 😦


One thought on “Tibia: emotions, drama and paranoia

  1. I love this video. Tibia was so different back then, I miss GMs. Everything from the old days seems so much better, there was a real, amazing community, and what do we have now? People reporting everything so that we can barely talk on public channels and not get banned for that.

    I can’t even insult anyone for being a noob and killing my monsters anymore, because I can get reported for that. That’s sick. Where’s a freedom of speech? 😀

    I don’t miss Tibia 5.0 as it was (8.62 is pretty cool) but I want the old community back! (and GMs)

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