Tibia: Becoming a dwarf of Beregar

The Tibia quest “The hidden city of Beregar” has no level requirement and the spoiler assured me, that it is possible to do that quest as a “careful level 40 mage”. That is complete bullshit. To find the hidden city for the first time I asked Hase for help. She was raised by dwarves and kind of lives in Beregar. She brought me safe in the city.

Queen Hase of Beregar.

Hase helped me on the first missions.

I had to inform myself about tunneling.

It took me some time to even SEE the tunnel with the coal piles.

I had to solve riddles in the waggon maze.

Part of that quest is the Royal Rescue Quest in which I have to rescue the son of the dwarven king. Here I find the key to his cell.

Behind the fire room of the Royal Rescue quest I noticed that tibiawiki was wrong. It is not possible to make it as a careful level 40 mage. I was level 85 and nearly out of mana potions. Summoning demon skeletons didn’t help at all. I continued and went to the cell, freed the son of the emperor. But now I had no potions at all. I had brown mushrooms, ate them and waited for mana. Then i ran back to the point behind the fire room. I waited for mana again. That room would kill me.

In the meantime I talked in guildchannel and explained my problem to the others. They asked Ilumo a level 170 elite knight, if he could rescue me. He came to the rescue and went yellow in that fire room. he brought me mana potions and we got out. If I would have died there I would have had to fish for three days while casting like crazy. I received dwarven legs as reward. Ilumo told me, that he was in the same situation at around my level, when he thought as well, that a level 40 can do this quest. Lesson learned: add 40 levels to what tibiawiki says.

tibia beregar reward royal rescue quest

Those pants are nice, my noobknight is wearing them now.


One thought on “Tibia: Becoming a dwarf of Beregar

  1. Hail wikia and their super advices! =D

    I just wonder why they haven’t yet written that POI is easy to solo for a 100 level mage lol.


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