Tibia: Nightmares

Hase won a nightmare doll in a Tibia fansite contest (tibiaML). Knight of the white wolf gave it a room in the Tibianis. I think in the meantime there are more items in it, when I made the screenshot we were all very careful with it and kept it alone, because we didn’t know if it would become jealous, or such, hum hum…

Norfen and me are worshipping Hase's nightmare doll. If we stare at it long enough, it might not put a curse on us.

Since it is more reasonable to book a service for the last mission of the quest In Service of Yalahar, I did so and booked the service by the guild Almighty Force. Everybody survived it, it was fast, a bit more talking wouldn’t have hurt though. Not everybody has done the quest before.

Looprevil Drarreg a level 301 royal paladin was leading the service. First thing he said to me was: “touch the globe”, so I touched it and hell broke lose. Why always me?

tibia in service of yalahar quest mission 10

I am in the pile of customers in the lower right corner. Yes, when the magic walls fade, and they faded often, it hurts. I had some magic walls on me and used them.

After Azerus had died we jumped into a teleport that brought us in a scary cave.

tibia in service of yalahar quest defeating azerus

You have a very bad feeling about this... After stepping out of the teleporter, go north until you see another orange message.

tibia in service of yalahar quest azerus

That's the message you get when you finished the quest.

tibia quest in service of yalahar, azerus

After the service killed Azerus and you got the final message, go back to Palimuth (good) or that Yalahari guy (evil).

And after that you can grab your reward, chose wisely.

tibia in service of yalahar quest reward

I took the mask.


One thought on “Tibia: Nightmares

  1. Azerus room looks quite dangerous with all this stuff going on there. Lucky everyone survived =)

    Nightmare Doll also looks great on Tibianic. Nice article as always.

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