Tibia: Ice

I had started the Tibia quest “the ice islands” years ago. Now I continued it with Norfen. I also took a task to kill ice golems. In the icy mountains of Hrodmir, the Formogar Glacier, I saw many frozen creatures, mammoths, wyverns and even humans.

tibia, hrodmir

A frozen human in the mountains northwest of Svargrond.

Harpyk helped me and Norfen on mission 7 “The Secret of Helheim”. Helheim looked like a very nice place to hunt. A lot of undead creatures, that usually hang around in tombs seem to have moved there. Hel is a term out of the Norse mythology. Hel was some kind of goddess that reigned in a realm of death. Some of the souls of the people that died went to Hel, others to Valhalla, depending on how they died. ‘Heim’ is derived from the Old Norse word ‘heimr’ and is used in German and Norvegian placenames. It means ‘home’.

tibia ice islands quest helheim

We found a necromatic altar.

Badn’Aegzor was living in a small barbarian camp on Hrodmir and he showed me the bigger camp Krimhorn, where I was supposed to meet a contactman of the explorer society.

tibia krimhorn

Entering Krimhorn.

Then me and Norfen entered the Formogar mines to talk with a ghost. I had lags and kicks. I think I was kicked 4 times and Norfen as a sorcerer had no possibility of healing me. I had blanks on me and gave him some ultimate healing runes in case he has to heal me. We waited some days until we were sure Internettus was appeased, before we continued.

tibia ice islands quest formogar mines

I wear this stupid outfit because it was definitely too cold for pirate clothes. My belly froze.

The ice golems in the Formogar Glacier provided me with a bit of experience, not much loot but some ice cubes on which I used my obsidian knife without much of success.

Frozen belly makes dwarven pirates aggressive.

Now we wait until we can gather a big group of players to complete the ice islands quest. The last mission is a bit insane.

tibia ice islands quest frost charm

Hjaern gave me this nice frost charm to use it on some pillars in an uncomfortable and icy place. I wear a summoner dress here because my belly froze again.


2 thoughts on “Tibia: Ice

  1. You were there with Badn but you waited for me, thanks 🙂 Doing this quest with you was a lot of fun, Formorgar Mines aren’t nice place to go alone on my level :>

  2. oh and forgot:



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