Tibia: boring Halloween

Halloween is boring in Tibia. Every year the halloween hare appears and changes the appearance of players into the same creatures. While I had quit a boss monster by name of “Mutated Pumpkin” was invented. It spawns always west of Darashia in a premium area. It has a lot of hitpoints. When it’s dead, it can be cut with an obsidian knife and the slice of pumpkin turns into a halloween item. I received on my three characters a present bag with some candies and two pumpkins. The mutated pumpkins spawned every 8 hours for 3 days. The body of the pumpkin decayed fast in maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

tibia mutated pumpkin halloween

Killing the mutated pumpkin

tibia halloween mutated pumpkin

And Napoleona Blanaparte came fresh from Rookgard to join the fight against the next mutated pumpkin.

tibia halloween mutated pumpkin

I am somewhere in the mass, that gathers around the pumpkins dead body.

Because Halloween in Tibia was so boring I decided to amuse myself by doing the quest “Koshei the deathless“. It wasn’t very difficult to bring him down but it took some time. I drank some mana potions.

He seemed to be happy he's dead.

tibia koshei the deathless quest


One thought on “Tibia: boring Halloween

  1. I got shitty rewards from the pumpkin too. Toy bat and fireworks. Well, I’ll get Panda next time right? šŸ˜€

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