Tibia: Banshees ban and postmen post

Badn and me prepared a banshee quest in Tibia. I had already done that quest years ago, lost most of my maps and so on. When we checked the magic walls at the entrance, the area was free of “esteemed newcomers”. That was different yesterday evening, when we actually did the quest. It starts in Ghostland, an area west of Carlin. The magic walls at the entrance of the quest can be removed with two levers. If someone steps on a certain tile in the cave, the walls close again. And closing the walls is one of the favourate leisure activities of those above mentioned esteemed newcomers.

One small step for Badn

One huge leap for... at least Badn has no inferiority complex.

We did the banshee quest with many players. It was a pain. Katie Iceheart and Luna Bonita died. Katie couldn’t come back because he had disturbed the monks upstairs on the Isle of Kings once. The rest finished the quest without further problems (confusion and impatience don’t count as further problems). We had the usual person-that-doesn’t-understand with us. I think you got to have one on every bigger quest.

I am very proud of my noobknight Blaismera. She did the postman quest all on her own, even the mission in Mintwallin (Invisibility for the win). She advanced from level 26 to level 27 in Mintwallin and got magic level 4 there. Minotaurs are nice.

Typona is the Tibian goddess of typos. Blaismera found a book of one of her followers in the Tibia Postal Service Headquarters. He must have dropped it there, it was lying on the floor.

Uhgly bonelord stollen ki. Typona must have been very excited about this.

Blaismera advances. Here you can see her equipment too. I got to admit, she is well dressed for a level 26/27.

A letter from his Moohmy

Blaismera becomes Archpostman.


2 thoughts on “Tibia: Banshees ban and postmen post

  1. Banshee was really cool. And go go Blaismera!! šŸ˜€

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