Tibia: Bearlightning

The Tibia “world quest” Lightbearer Event started on November 11, 2010, and ended on November 15. 29 servers succeeded. Amoung them Harmonia and Magera. It was the second time this event was held, for me it was the first time though. Many people didn’t sleep for 4 days, and yes, that’s not really cool. On Harmonia it was organised by Zinina, Fidelie and Arthur-Mystic Archer.

On the first day someone noticed, that the schedule was wrong. There was a gap of one hour in the middle of the night. On the second night I did the gap run, it was a “full run”, which means I was supposed to light all basins. I missed the first basin because the time had changed while I was off and I have no telepathic connection to the Tibia forum. Luckily Korgue had lit the first basin. I asked Silouette (level 168 elite knight), if she could help me and she ran with me. Without her I’d been dead at the first basin.

Getting the achievement Keeper of the flame at the basin on Goroma.

A full run started in Yalahar at the hellspawns, continued on Goroma, Tarpit Tomb, Hellgate, the prison of Kazordoon, the single demon spawn in the hero cave in Edron, Formogar Glacier, Drefia, the Plains of Havoc and ended in the Forbidden Lands. In the Plains of Havoc we met Zendilione, who was a big help there.

Mignight warriors spawned when I lit the basin.

I didn’t light all basins on that official run, because some were just lit by random highlevels that held a constant procession from basin to basin. I waited till the last night, in which my ingame daughter Hase (now level 101 elder druid) did a full run. And somehow I managed to get me killed with the help of 7 duskbringers at the hellspawn basin.

Hase at the basin in Yalahar. Hugi Bugi, Sir de Bil and Ilumo are friends of mine/ours.

Treplonic Thunderheart was camping in the Forbidden Lands, which was good for the runners, because he killed the mobs around and good for himself, because he could get some midnight shards that way.

Last basin in the Forbidden Lands.

Here I get the statue as a reward. On the left you can see Fidelie, one of the organisers of the event on Harmonia.

After the event Hase’s comment on forum was: “next year we will light all the bears again! because we are the bearlighters!”

One thought on “Tibia: Bearlightning

  1. Hah, I’m so sorry that you died :< Anyway, it was worth it, the whole quest was a real fun, seeing so many people teaming up together to keep the basins on.. awesome 🙂

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